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Anterior Cervical Peek Cages & Bladed PROYSTER™ PROYSTER-M™ PROYSTER-D™ ​ Prodorth Cervical Peek Cages provide a great hold on to the endplates with its blade, which allows it to be used without a plate. Prodorth Cervical Peek Cages with mono / double blade options and regular cervical peek cages are available on request. Toothed surface is designed to prevent migration As for the bladed options, blades provides a more reliable hold on to the endplates Anatomical geometry Enhanced cage-inserter connection, designed to withstand rotational forces and user-friendly instrumentation to facilitate the procedure X-ray marker pins for the visibility Made of PEEK material, originated from EVONIK Industries Germany. While titanium alloys give opaque image under X-Ray, PEEK materials is able to be seen transparently. This provides an efficient follow up of the bone fusion through the implant at the targeted periods Maximized strong construction / Large fusion space ratio