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Beard And Mustache Serum


Packaging Features: 50 ml, Liquid, Glass bottle box Intended Use: Contributing to the formation of a new beard, helps sparse, dry and weak beards,to look vibrant and strong with its enhanced content. A beard care product focused on making beards look voluminous, shiny and strong. Not tested on animals in the product development and R&D endeavors. Paraben free. How to Apply: It is necessary to apply the lotion as two sessions a day and it is recommended to wash your beard every second application. During use, you can use the shampoo/ soap products already being used by you in your current daily routine or choose one of the washing products with high purity. Dry your beard completely after rinsing it with warm water. Losyonu günde iki seans uygulamak gerekir ve her iki uygulamadan birinde sakallarınızı yıkamanız önerilir. After drying, making sure that the cap of the serum bottle is completely closed, shake it for 15 seconds.