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Bigbag all sizes


KIZIKLI ambalaj specializes on Big Bags. Circular woven Big bags are made of polypropylene materials, bags may be fully recycled. Big Bags are UV stabilised woven Polypropylene. Fabric weights from 100 gsm to 250 gsm. Coated (Laminated) or uncoated(Unlaminated) We produce the bags for various industry sectors (building, foodstuff, chemical industry and agriculture). All these bags are in a multiple way controlled both during the production and at its end thus we secure 100 % quality of our products With support of our technical divison we are able to solve any of your additional requirements concerning accomplishment of the bags. Our PP big bags are available in different shapes and sizes which can be customized. It is also available in various colors. Our PP big bags mainly find uses inwaterproof applicationswhere the materials carried in the bags need to beprotected from moisture and natures elements.