Bioklimatik Sistemleri - Pergola



Bioclimatic systems are sliding folding ceiling systems. Bioclimatic systems designed and manufactured with modern lines provide a stylish touch to the aesthetic appearance of the area where they are applied. It provides thermal comfort by protecting the area where it is applied from hot and cold air, rain, snow, and hail, as well as from the harmful rays of the sun. In bioclimatic systems where aluminum panels are used, the slope should be 5%.The bioclimatic systems can be adjusted and opened at the desired angle, the sun can be used and shading can be provided in hot weather at the same time. In rainy weather, the panels used in the system can be opened at a small angle and prevent precipitation from entering the interior thanks to its special design when the interior is ventilated. Profiles and accessories used in bioclimatic systems designed and manufactured in a special way taking into account all weather conditions are guaranteed not to rust.