Our Company(Can Kimya A.Ş.) is the producer of Adhesives under trade name of Tamtut-Fullbond and we would like to make our company and its products known to you.We have wide range of adhesives such as; • Tamtut Adhesives for PVC Pipes and Fittings. • Tamtut Neoprene Base Adhesives(Contact Adhesive) for wood , formica, shoes, furniture exc. • Tamtut Polyurethane Adhesives. • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesive for Packaging Applications. • Fullbond Hotmelt Adhesive for Labelling Applications(Bottle, Glass) • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesives for Furniture Industry. • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesives for Mattress and Bed industry. • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesives for Fruit Juice Industry. • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesives for Tea Packaging . • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesives for Cigarettes. • Tamtut Hotmelt Adhesives for Filters. • Fullbond Hotmelt Adhesives for Non-Woven Market(Baby Diapers, Lady Napkins; Adult Diaper) • Tamtut T-333 for Carpet Courts with two components. • Tamtut IZO-555 for Isolation with two components. • Tamtut AY-48 for Furniture, Automotive , Fibre, Textile , Bed. • Tamtut for Stationery, Also you can check our web site to get more information about our products If you are interested, we would be happy to send you any further information and we would like to discuss the subject with you in the near future as well. Thanking for your kind interest and we look forward to your early reply, we remain,

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