We are a labelling and a packaging company established in Istanbul, Turkiye.

The Company is called Casta Branding&Packaging Co. and, we are capable to give service all over the world regarding the below productions, and packagings.

Our Company is well-known with the production line, all over, which are; 

** Printed labels, 

** Woven labels-Saten, taffeta etc. in all width and length sizes

** Printed labels, on fabric and paper

** Heat transfers

** Variable data tags

** POS tickets, stickers

** All types of boxes, paper bags, polybags, etc

** Special order trims, such as, printing on saten ribbons, 100% cotton ribbons, care labels

** All types of plastic accessories, seals, hangers, hanger sizers, shirt clips, etc

Our Company policy is based on high quality, and, exact lead times. Besides, our designing department is capable to do designs, depending on customers request. 

The machineries are designed in high, and, recent technology. 

Please kindly make sure that we have the total control on every single production  in process. 

We are a strong candidate to produce all your packagings and, find solutions for your future plans.

In the meantime, we would be honored to be your bussiness partner in Istanbul, Turkiye.

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