Center of Trade; has started its activities with professional team that experienced in support mechanisms and applications , foreign trade, investment, logistics, consultancy besides it has experince of knowledge of regulations and its applicaitons for a long time..Providing unconditional customer satisfaction by giving service within bounds of international standards, making a difference in our service sector and being a global company are our biggest targets.The first policy of our company is to be a supplier company that can meet all product and service requirements of our customers. It is an integral part of our company to respond the demand the fastest way possible, to deliver the right product on the most appropriate terms and to complete procurement process in the highest quality and at affordable price.Keeping our customer informed of latest developments, cutting-edge products and services; and present exchange of views by bringing together customers with relevent experts is one of the important elements of our customer satisfaction policy.Customer relationship management which will form a principled solution partnership based on mutual trust, diligence and honesty are our most important principles.At the point of foreign trade consultancy, On the basis of ‘Boutique Work Philosophy’, satisfied customer is more basic principle for us than having a lot of customers.Within bounds of the basic principle, We are ready to be your solution partner with producers, foreign t

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