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Climber B.C. is a brand of Cuno Group. The brand has stepped on its way in 1995 with the vision of becoming a world brand.With its modern, progressive and opened to world design ideas Climber B.C. keeps following the way with its team of experienced professionals from the first day of the brand's foundation till today.The special activity of Climber B.C. is aspired for meeting the requirements of the clients from various segments thanks to the wide range of products based on the main lines.Interpreting aesthetics in the most modern form by the unique design and quality, Climber B.C. presents every new season the wide collection for various tendencies of the fashion and various ways of life.The product by Climber B.C. acquires its final appearance after the inerrable processing with the quality control at every step.Holding in your hands the product by Climber B.C. you will notice how carefully it was made on every step of the manufacturing; from design to choice of the fabrics, from pattern and sewing to the choice of the accessories.The products by Climber B.C. are manufactured in the comfort, well organized and safe conditions at the modern automated equipment. At the beginning the Climber B.C. products were spread at the Eurasian market and now they are sold in 30 countries of the world.

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  • clothing
  • menswear
  • suits
  • jean
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