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Custom Sportswear Bras Manufacturer - Custom Sports bra manufacturer in Turkey


WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT IMPACT LEVELS OF SPORTS BRAS? A good sports bra guarantees great support and protection. CONBELLO TEXTILE Sports bras are performance oriented and specifically designed for three levels of support based on intensity of the work-out. HIGH IMPACT:These aim at higher levels of physical activity such as running, racquet sports, aerobics and dancing. MEDIUM IMPACT:This category supports moderate degrees of physical activity like hiking, brisk walking, road cycling etc. LOW IMPACT:Such sports bras are meant for less vigorous physical activities involving slow movements like yoga, pilates and stretching. What else is this sports bra good for? Many women found it comfortable enough to wear all day. Nurses are wearing it under their scrubs. Take out the removable pads and wear it as a bralette under a tank top. It is easy to put on and take off and best of all, you'll hardly know you're wearing it! Please contact us for more.