Our innovative and market-leading technology, as well as our extensive manufacturing capabilities, enable us to work with a wide variety of metals and plastics.Our company provides solutions for any labelling in metal labels, laser marking labels, silk screen printing labels, custom labels, security labels, asset labels, aluminium nameplates, lexan labels, machine and boat panels, anodized aluminium labels, engraved labels, vinyl labels, digital printed labels, electrical warning labels, baffle plates. In addition to all these label types; we serve with various types of labels for all kinds of equipment manufacturers such as machine manufacturers, pump and reducer manufacturers, agricultural and hand tools manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, boat and yacht manufacturers, panel manufacturers. As well as all these types of labels, all kinds of fixture labels are produced for the counting, identification, and tracking of the products in a company.Thanks to our continuous investment policy, we are able to offer many innovative products such as silk screen printed metal labels and laser marking metal engraving labels. This allows us to reproduce complex multi-coloured images and sequential barcodes printed on the surface of the label. In addition, both using anodized aluminium or chrome material and our production with silk screen printing or laser marking systems ensure that our labels are much longer lasting and high quality.Why You Should Choose Demirören Label•

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