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Helps relieve the pain caused by teething


Dentex Teething Gel helps soothe the gums, and freshen the inside of the mouth with its natural formula containing herbal cloves. Dentex Teething Gel is the most ideal teething gel for babies. It helps relieve the pain caused by teething, enables an easy and comfortable teething period. Clove Oil: Has powerful antiseptic properties. Also has a pain relieving effect. Warnings: The teething gel is disposable. The remainder of the gel must be disposed of after opened. • You may apply 2-3 times a day. • Keep the finger glove after washing. • Wash the finger glove once again before the next application. How to Apply Dentex Teething Gel? 1. Wash your hands and the silicone finger glove in water that has been boiled and cooled. 2. Wear the silicone finger glove on your index finger. 3. Open the teething gel package and put some gel on the finger gove. 4. Softly rub the gel on the baby’s teeth and gums.

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