Dermatom Bıçağı - Dermatom Bıçağı Aesculap Humby Humeca Sober Dermatome Blade



Dermatome Blade Disposable, Stainless Steel, Sterile, CE Standart, ISO 13485 Certificate, Packed in accordance with class 7 standards, Perfect razor-sharp cuts, The highest accuracy in the product with controlled production stages, - Dermatome blades made of wear-resistant tempered stainless steel are compatible with many devices of different sizes and models available. -- Dermatome Blade Compatible Brands -- Braun Humeca Padgett Zimmer -- Dermatome Blade Compatible Models -- Humby Schink Sober -- DERMATOME BLADE DIMENSIONS -- 156mm 81mm 90mm 110mm 50mm 38mm 111mm 107mm 106mm 100mm Dermatome knives have the ability to cut precisely, and their sharp edges are sharpened with bi-directional sharp faces. Thus, the cutting resistance is increased, the risk of burrs is reduced, and the possibility of placing knives in the device in both directions is provided.