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Tedarikçi ol Giriş Yap


Dolomite, Limestone, Slaked lime, quicklime, Calcite


We are MUSA YAPI at the same time Supplier and Shipper, supplying cement / clinker with European conformity certificates, from all cement factories in Turkey, with the best transportation solutions for our customers. Cement and clinker export operations are processed by our company worldwide, thanks to a strong sales system dedicated to the customer, " know - how " of employees and expertise in maritime transport, Delivery and terminal operations. With a global network of customers and a strong relationship with Turkish cement companies, our company provides every customer and fulfills all demands within the shortest possible time. In our society there are two different departments. - The export department that supplies the cement / clinker according to the needs of our customers - The shipping service that provides the best assistance regarding freight, shipping logistics and shipping solutions.

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