Plastic Packaging The product mix of the Company comprises plastic pail, pots, boxes, bowl and trays with different shapes (round, rectangular, square, oval and customized) and sizes (200 ML – 20.000 ML ) used in food packaging such as dairy products, butter&margarine, meat&seafood product, bakery, jams & marmalade, halvah & tahini, yoghurt&cheese cream chocolate, cosmetics and ice - cream as well as paint packaging. The Company manufactures offset and IML printed plastic packaging products based on injection molding technology mostly for the food industry.

Printing Techniques on PP Origined Packings: 

A-Offset Printing: Offset Printing Technique is a kind of printing system which may apply all kinds of round and elliptical items, such as 200 ml cases or 20.000 ml round pails. All colours are used as spot and printing quality is so high which is especially designs that made by "Pantone Colours" in this type of printing technique. Presently this quality printing method which is using with cliche system is the latest printing technique that may directly transfer the colours to the pails. Transfered paints do not erase for long years.

B- IML (In Mould Labelling) : First of all, The pp labels cut according to the shape of cups and lids with a special knife. The labels stick to the products perfectly with IML robots. The results are excellent to CMYK system in this type of printing technique. Moreover the label never distorted because of this developed system.

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  • Plastik kutular
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  • Plastic Square Case
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