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FF have been producing Modern and Luxury furniture in Ankara since 1956. FF continue to produce unique, high quality and durable furniture with our core design and production team. Bedroom, Dining Room and Living Room are our main activity groups. FF have product ranges in four different categories as Luxury, Modern, Wooden and Avant-garde. The only place where you can catch variety and originality without losing quality is FF company! • High Quality Fabric and Materials • On Time Delivery • Worldwide Shipping • Unique Designs to Compete Locally • Interior Architecture Support • Diverse Models over 30 • Ultra Secure Packaging for International Shipping • No Need MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) • Customization Option (OEM) • Creating a Custom Model • Customization • Ferhat Berbercan, who has a retail, wholesale and dealership system, produces dozens of original models every year. Thanks to the models that have been specially worked on throughout the year, it has managed to make its name known for years. We are able to handle the drawing, production and application part of the worked models completely within our own structure. In addition, we provide all kinds of interior architect support to satisfy our customers. • Ferhat Berbercan Furniture has always been loyal to its dealership agreements and has followed a mutual profit policy. • Many of our dealers are more than 30 years old, thanks to the right relationships built over the years.

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