Gaff Textile was founded in 1994 and continues its activities with an acceleration that increases its capacity day by day with its quality oriented and mass production approach. It has been educated and developed to operate the service understanding of customers who are well known and each of them has an important place in the sector, to adopt customer and quality oriented production understanding as a principle and to meet the whole target. As a basic principle, our quality-based operation has reached its current capacity by making time-oriented production more and more serial. After that, if you want to continue your activities on the same principle and continue in different markets and increase your different customer capacity. MISSION To be able to establish strong relationships with our clients and business partners, with long-term and mutual benefits, to develop and sustain existing relationships. VISION As an organization that maintains the development of every passing day, the point we focus on is to be able to reach the owner with the desired product, service, time and conditions. To provide sustainable communication and production skills that can increase competitiveness while at the same time competing economically in global values while providing this.

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  • Çalışan sayısına
    51 – 100


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    Genel merkez
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    İmalatçı/ Üretici
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