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We redesigned the crank set in the homogenizers . When we compare with classical machines, we reduced the friction losses from 3% to 1% due to the designed cranks. This has resulted in a considerable amount of energy savings, both in achieving maximum performance in the long run of the machine.We made pressure bodies independent from each other. This allowed us to operate different products to be processed at the same time, and if is there any damage on the body machine continue to work without affecting the entire machine.We did not build these machines by looking at another machine, for years we have taking user ideas and their experience. Every problem we have experienced has been a new research topic for us, and we find new manufacturing methods. TETRA Series Homogenizers Our TETRA series machine has 4-piston which can reach capacity up to 35 tons of hours. They are special serial machines we produce for professional working companies. TRI series machine are ideal for businesses that work daily for 8 to 16 hours a day. Our TETRA series machines are manufactured at the capacity of 7.500 Lt / hour and 35.000 Lt / hour, minimum 50 Bar to 400 Bar according to the demands of the customers. It can also be manufactured in 2 stages as an option.

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  • homogeniser
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