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GeBe is the Leading Maternity Clothing Producer and Retailer located in Turkey. As a brand of 10 years old company, GeBe is specialized in maternity clothing bussiness.Our designers, setting the pregnancy fashion trends all around the world, have a mission to make pregnant women look good, stylish, modern, classic and feel great. The brand produces and sells all kind of apparel that women need during the whole pregnancy period.Our new brand Jasmini follows the latest curvy fashion. Hip and fashionable big-size clothes are hard to find and young people are bored from mainstream classic-cut big size brands. We aimed to fill that gap in Turkey and as GeBe did, we want Jasmini to go global too.We are extending and looking for new markets as we have global wholesale operations and we think your agency can provide the right customers for us to expand.If you are interested in partnership with us, please, let us know.

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