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Hair Lotion – For Women

Hair Growth and Strengthening


Packaging Features: 50 ml, Liquid, Glass bottle box Intended Use: Supports the nourishing and strengthening of hair follicles, prevents hair loss, accelerates hair growth, good for the care of damaged hair. Helps yo to manage your hair easily to maintain the voluminous structure of the hair and makes them look dazzling than ever Suitable for all hair types. Maintains the oil balance of the hair. Not tested on animals in the product development and R&D endeavors. Paraben free. How to Apply: It is necessary to apply the lotion as two sessions a day and it is recommended to wash your hair every second application. During use, you can use the shampoo/ soap products already being used by you in your current daily routine or choose one of the hair washing products with high purity. Dry your hair completely after rinsing it with warm water. (It is not recommended to use such methods as blow dryer and similar hot air products damage the hair.)

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