Industrial energy saving Blueberry dehydrator machine

Drying oven


The Fruit and Vegetables drying heat pump: is produced for the manufacturers in the food drying sector but because of its functional structure the type of drying is followed by the carpet cleaning factories. With the use of heat pump technology in the drying sector, it has become one of the drying methods with increasing efficiency. The food desiccant heat pump takes some of its energy from the air as it is in the air source heat pumps, and takes a part of it from the electric energy. The fruit and vegetable desiccant heat pump is placed inside the fully insulated drying chamber and the inside of the drying chamber is 65 ° C, allowing the water to evaporate in the fruit, vegetable, or other food products. The evaporator water is carried to the heat pump by means of fans, and the liquid is thrown out by making it liquid. In this way, the drying process is completed.

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  • kuru üzüm
  • yaban mersini kurutma
  • blueberry drying
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