Kadın Deodorant Krem,75 ml - Kadınlar İçin Deodorant Krem Kızarıklık Önleyici



Eliminates sweat odor for 24 hours with its perfect deodorant scent for women. With its cream feature, it relieves redness and irritation caused by friction that may occur during sports. Does not contain harmful metal components such as aluminum It creates a feeling of comfort and confidence against bad smell after application. Before training or when you smell bad, apply some deodorant cream to your armpits with the tip of your finger. Bio Clinic Sports Deodorant Cream, developed against sweat odor, eliminates sweat odor for up to 24 hours with its special perfume for women. Special cream formula helps prevent irritation and redness that may occur during sports. Useful ingredients without aluminum act as a deodorant without inhibiting natural sweat formation. In addition, it has the feature of eliminating irritation caused by friction.