Model P series, olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean, corn oil, turnip and lemon juice etc. in the food industry. In products, in the industrial environment, paint, thinner, varnish, mineral oil types, chemical liquid substances, liquid soap and so on. used in the filling of products. PET - BOTTLE FILLING MACHINE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Special plastic material suitable for food is used in the pallet belt. Conveyor chassis 304 Cr. made of material. The conveyor is driven by a 1.5 HP geared motor. Railings, 304 Cr. material and width can be adjusted. Material properties do not change during filling. The cover closing unit is 1 piece and works with a pneumatic impact effect. Reserve tank 100 lt. in volume, 1.5 mm. 304 Cr. made of material. PLC and other electronic, electrical materials are placed in a panel. The working air pressure of the machine is 6-8 atmospheres.

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