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HELLO MR/MRS !! We are texting you behalf MANUFACTURING FACTORY :BESLEN PASTA(makarna) COMPANY Ltd. ; it is an honor to meet with you on behalf our company which has been providing past service fo nearly 50 years . Firstly before talking about our quality; we want you to know that our first target to Show how much our credibility side is streight ; we are getting grow every day for 50 years because thanks to our Customer we always aim to be the best one in pasta ındustry;despite all hurdle we have never given up from giving the best price and best quality to our Customer ; our company was established in 1978 in GAZIANTEP with name of BESLEN MAKARNA Our company which tries to integrate with all dealers and importer company networks ;aims to be the best both demostic market and in foreign market ; We have the authority to produce all kind of PASTA quality including spaghetti .

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