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We are proud to be the biggest wooden hanger company in Europe. In this point, where we have come together by combining our wide range of products with our new and open product range. In addition to all these efforts, it is our priority to provide the best service and the most appropriate service by talking into consideration the interests of our customers. Wooden hangers, which is the biggest product of the textile market, are able to produce the customer especially with all the details and to win the satisfaction of our customers without sacrificing quality and service. we saw that the textile industry was very open and easily adaptable to the innovations, and we started to produce special exhibition hanger for our collections by concentrating on our first target, special designers. In this way, we proved that other companies could have their own special hangers in time, and we gave a new perspective to the market and contributed to our growth.

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    51 – 100


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    İmalatçı/ Üretici

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