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It is the original Rodaj X brand. It is Approved and Registered by the Ministry of Health. Produced According to the Cosmetics Law. Packaging Specifications: 50 ml, Liquid, Glass bottle boxed It is a specially designed formula produced by Rodaj X. Elegant, Powerful, Sexy, Emotional, Contemporary, Mysterious, Charming, Energetic. A unique concept that provides a new beauty experience to everyone who values ​​himself and wants to be happy and look beautiful at every moment of life and always. You will see that these very special products are much more than perfumes and fragrances, and you will enjoy their lasting, relaxing, purifying and refreshing effects. Knowing that these products are the best of their kind will definitely make you feel even better. These very special products, which make you one step ahead of everyone else, will be your best sharing with your loved ones.