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Pamira Hammam Set ( Bath Towel Set) - Pamira Organic Cotton Hammam Set ( Bath Towel Set)


*Produced from organic 100% cotton yarn. *From the growing of cotton to making into a product, haven't been used any chemicals and cancerogenic materials in any step of production and be treated by organic dye. *It has proved that the product is organic and ecologic with the certifies ISO 9001:2008, GOTS-TR, Oeko-Tex. *Have special design embroidered and carton box. *Total weight is 500gr/m2. *Package content: 4 pieces product 1 piece 80x150cm man bath towel, 1 piece 80x150cm woman bath towel, 1 piece 50x90cm man head towel, 1 piece 50x90cm woman head towel.