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Private Label Sportswear Manufacturer in Turkey - Fashion leggings and sports bra. Leggings manufacturer in Turkey


Quality Polyester and Polyamide Leggings Production in Turkey Private Label Fashion Leggings and Sports Bra Polyester/Spandex blends are often used as fabrics for leggings sportswear. If you wish, thanks to our fabric track with unlimited options, we can use it on Polyester fabric with Polyamide or cotton texture. Of course, it is vital that this fabric is of the highest quality. Because, there are very important points to be considered in order to prevent color fading after washing and to ensure that your brand logo is permanent on the product. You can get cheap clothing. However, it is painful to see that you lose so much more than you paid afterwards. T-shirt (Basic / Oversized etc) / Sweatshirt / Hoodie / Uniform / Tights / Bra etc.