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Helps prevent diaper rashes


Raponil®, helps prevent diaper rashes, which is a significant source of discomfort for both babies and mothers. Preventing diaper rash is easier than healing it once it has been developed. Raponil Diaper Rash Cream prevents the rash from developing by forming a protective barrier on the skin.Lack of exposure to fresh air, friction, urine, stool and bacteria are the primary culprits of diaper rash. Your baby’s skin shows indications of redness, irritation and sensitivity. The most significant risk factors include the period of time the baby is in the diaper, dirty diapers, diarrhea and teething. Raponil Diaper Rash Cream protects and soothes skin, and helps prevent diaper rash. It treats sensitive and irritated skins. Raponil Cream has a water-repellent base that forms a protective barrier on the skin, which helps block any irritant agent that comes into contact with the skin. St. John’s Wort: Has anti-inflammatory (analgesic) and wound healing properties (2%).

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