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Reflex Home Glove

Tpe protection heavy duty gloves


Red color. S-M-L-XL size. 50 pieces. Perfect fit on hand and fingertips. Very soft and skin-friendly. Excellent tactile sensation. Especially suitable for contact with greasy and oily foods. Elastic and tear resistant. Odorless and tasteless. %100 suitable for food contact. Silicone and Latex free. Advantage of lower prices compared with alternative products. Fast production process and short delivery times. TPE gloves are economic and environment-friendly products when compared with PVC and Nitrile gloves. Products are similar in the aspects of the production techniques with different raw materials and formulations. TPE gloves does not consists toxics, they are tasteless and odorless, TPE gloves does not consists carcinogenic plasticizers as PVC. Latex gloves are odorous and may cause allergic reactions after prolonged contacts, an enough reason to select TPE gloves rather than Latex gloves.

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