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Hello, As TRANSAKTAS Global Logistics, we have been a full blood carrier with years of technology, and we are moving their rise from Turkey to Europe and from Europe to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Serbia, and Armenia to similar countries. TRANSAKTAŞ is one of the first companies in Mersin that has been in existence since 1996. 2nd in Mersin at Ubak (Ministry of National Transport)., ISE 39 in Turkey. the queue is saved as the shipping company from the document ownership/clearance of the tracks. We are currently working with companies in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland and Bulgaria. Our many years of experience in logistics is a guarantee of professional service. We have gained the trust of our customers thanks to the reliable process from order to delivery. The world keeps the promise of TRANSAKTAŞ! From medicines to flowers, from dry food to frozen and fruit / oils, it will be transported safely and on time towards arrival. Our Vehicles

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