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TTO Intim Foam-Cream - Antibacterial pH-balancing no-rinse hygiene cream for delicate care


Ensures effective hygiene, balancing the pH without requiring vaginal douche with its no-rinse foam technology. It protects against potential fungus, bacteria, discharge and odor in the vaginal area. It also helps to protect against potential post-epilation redness, irritation, pain, etc. It assists protection of vaginal hygiene in public places like pools and washrooms. It is safely used not only in the genital area but on the whole body in women and men. You will observe that when used regularly, it will reduce and even eliminate vaginal infections and fungi in the long-run. It is specifically recommended to be used in pregnancies as it will provide potent protection against infections. It is safely used not only on women but also men and children and all over the body. A single box of TTO INTIMATE FOAM contains 250 doses, lasting 4 months when used day and night.