Yıldız Underwear has pioneered the Men's, Women's and Children's underwear industry for over 50 years. It continues its activities both domestically and internationally. In this regard, it always aims to increase the overseas activities of our own brand. We aim for our products to play a greater role in both the European and Middle Eastern markets. Our company, which always produces A quality products, produces both with our own brand and the brands of our valued customers. With the developing technologies, their production capabilities are increasing, consumers are constantly encountering new brand products and they can catch different quality, price and variety alternatives in every field. In all these conditions, the success and survival of companies under the intense competition that is valid for almost every sector does not depend on production; It is based on gaining customers and making the customer loyal audience, in other words, customer-oriented work. However, gaining customers who are constantly bombarded with products and brands or maintaining relationships with existing customers is not easy task.Today's conscious consumer, when choosing a product or service wants to know not only to meet their need but also to know how that product differs from others and what value they will add.For this reason, today's marketing aims to find the feature called value in the eyes of the consumer, to add this value to the product and to announce it to the consumer in the best way

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    51 – 100


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    İmalatçı/ Üretici
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