Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) is a multi-branched, herbaceous, camel-thorn annual plant. It is grown commercially for its extracted oil from seeds. The plants are 30 to 150 cm long, flowering. The flowers can be yellow, orange or red and have a long life. It consists of a number of flowers ranging from 1 to 5, usually containing 15 to 20 seeds in flower heads. Safflower is a plant specific to arid geographies that receive seasonal rain. Obtaining Method: Safflower seed oil is obtained from safflower seeds by cold pressing method. Cold press oils; are vegetable oils that are produced without applying heat, only by mechanical processes, without disturbing the nature of the oil. Email us at info@calikoglubitkisel.com and order products Contact Whatsapp +90 (539) 819 0133

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