Anka NDT is located in Tuzla, İstanbul/ Turkey. Ultrasonic thickness measurements service has been provided in Tuzla shipyard region, in the ports of Turkey and in the ports and shipyards all over the world for years. We are always ready to serve with our qualified and certified personnel to our valuable customers. Ultrasonic thickness measurements of various types of many ships has been carried out and reported quickly, reliably and successfully.Reliable and quality servicing is Anka NDT’s main asset.Why do you prefer Anka NDT? •Customer satisfaction is the priority.•Operator and equipments are regularly controlled and monitored by the UTM Supervisor. All the operators have over 10 years of experience and UT Level 2 certificates.•We use UTM Devices having the latest technology and these devices are calibrated by accredited bodies. We have UTM approval certificates from all IACS members.Ultrasonic thickness measurements, reporting and repair proposal and UT, MPI, PT and RT services can be presented to Classification Societies.•UTM and non-destructive tests are performed and reported on time, quickly and reliably.Carrying out ultrasonic thickness measurements of your vessel before docking period and just after shipyard arrival ensures you to make your steel repair plan and budged. Please do not forget to get suitable quotation by using contact information form or With its experienced and specialist staff, Anka NDT has been carrying out UTM onboard the vesse

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