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Precision Casting of Orthopadeic Implants Elit Implant Castings, has commenced as a brand new company in November 2016 to have a leaner and more effective and efficient focus on the medical implant activities it has been performing within the scope of Elit Metallurgy with eleven years of experience in the field of investment casting in various sectors, and with the preservation and continuation of its experience and expertise. We realized 100% traceability in production and product life with the new ERP software that can serve the UTS (ürün takip sistemi - product tracking system) that the Ministry of Health will put into practice. Elit Implant, which provides quality at every stage of production, carries out production with ISO 13485: 2003 quality management system and meets sector expectations with the highest level of precision and care. Elit Implant designs and manufactures molds inhouse with its 3-D surface-solid modeling programs with experienced employees and gains speed and flexibility in meeting customer needs. We can meet customers particular heat treatment demands with our own internal heat treatment furnace and perform destructive and non-destructive tests which are, chemical and material analysis, tensile test, hardness measurement test, micro structure analysis, penetrant and radiography tests. All tests and transactions are reported according to customers’ specific standards and international standards.

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